Pasta To Go


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Finally caved! Osso Bucco Special was fantastic as was Eggplant Parmesan, Meatballs, kids’ Penne and Marinara. Thanks for the great dinner, Chef Jorge! – Alina Suarez Cahill


My first time at Pasta To Go Eggplant and Meatballs and Fettucine Alfredo all was amazing. The staff was wonderful. I was floored that they work so hard out of that little kitchen. Please help all those food service employees and drivers out there. They are working hard in this horrible weather. Tip, tip and …

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Blown away by this hidden gem! Food is delicious! Return customer here! Just had the soup courtesy of Chef Jorge and it is phenomenal! Can’t wait for the catering order for my family to try. Thank you Chef and Mabel! -Zig721


Upscale Italian fod quality at take out prices. My family absolutely loved every bite!!! I will be ordering here again and again. I told my husband it’s from the back of the gas station. He said, “This is how legends begin!” – Jeannie Curtin


Order the lasagna! I couldn’t rate it higher! Maggianos, who? The word on the street is that George worked with Maggianos as their head chef! Don’t let the location fool you! I’m so happy I found a place to get amazing carry out. Their staff is super friendly. Being raised in Elhmurst for so long, …

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